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Danube Research - Danube transport & navigation consultants

Danube Research
With extensive knowledge of Danube shipping issues and a large network of riparian and non-riparian partners and contacts, Danube Research is ideally placed to advise a wide variety of companies and organisations on the subject.


Danube transport conference & exhibition

Danube Summit incorporating the South East European Ports, Shipping & Logistics Conference

The Danube Summit takes place every two years. The first three took place in Constanta in June 2002, Belgrade in October 2004 and Budapest in October 2006.

Danube Summit



Danube shipping links

Shipping Companies



Danube Commission

Navigation Authorities

Miscellaneous sites

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Shipping Companies

Danube Research undertakes feasibility studies of new shipping services on the River Danube and reports of fleet privatisation issues. From potential new entrants on the container market to itinerary planning for cruise operators, we have comprehensive experience along the length of the Danube and beyond.


Donau Express Linien


Erste Donau-Dampschiffahrts-Gesellschaft
[former holding company; ceased trading December 2003 but website remains active for the moment]



DDSG-Cargo GmbH

DDSG Cargo





Slovenská Plavba a prístavy






Heroj Pinki

Heroj Pinki







Navrom Galati

Navrom SA Galati



Danube Passenger Shipping Operators:


Klinger Personenschifffahrt Regensburg


Wurm + Köck
Wurm + Köck


Donauschiffahrt Pyringer - Zopper

Brandner - see above


MS Stadt Wien
MS Stadt Wien


DDSG - Blue Danube Schiffahrt
DDSG Blue Danube Schiffahrt


Slovenská plavba a prístavy - lodná osobná doprava



Mahart Passnave

MAHART Passnave



Port and Canal Authorities

Danube Research provide consulting services to a number of public and private sector organisations involved with port infrastructure investment and port privatisation in Danube ports. We advise on port development drawing on detailed worldwide experience in aspects of terminal construction, port facilities, national and European policy, ownership and international best practice.


Die Bayerischen Staatshäfen - Bavarian State Ports

Bayerischen Staatshäfen


Ports of Regensburg and Passau


IGÖD - Austrian Ports



Slovenska Plavba a Pristavy - Slovak Ports and Shipping



Port of Gyor - Gönyu


Luka Osijek - Port of Osijek (River Drava)



Luka Vukovar - Port of Vukovar


Luka Beograd - Port of Belgrade

Luka Beograd


Port of Lom Complex


Port of Rousse Complex


APDF - Romanian Fluvial River Ports



ACN - Romanian Navigable Canals Administration



Port of Constanta

Portul Constanta


APDM - Romanian Maritime Danube Ports

(English translation by Danube Research on the original APDM website)


Port of Izmail



European Federation of Inland Ports





Danube Research provides intelligence on the ever-changing Danube and Black Sea shipbuilding and shiprepair industries. We assist companies with shipyard privatisation issues and provide information on ship types built on the Danube.



Linz Shipyard


Bratislava Shipyard - see SPaP above


Slovenské Lodenice Komárno akciová spolocnost Bratislava

Komárno Shipyard


Ganz Danubius Trading



Severnav, Drobeta-Turnu Severin



Aker Braila


Izmail Shiprepair Yard

Izmail Shiprepair Yard


Aker Tulcea

Tulcea Shipyard


Danube Commission

Danube Research provides research and consultancy services on aspects of Danube regulation and shipping. Please browse the website for further information. Our work into the history of the Commissions of the Danube is summarised here, while "About Us" summarises our diverse range of Danube shipping consultancy, intelligence, news and photo archive services.


Danube Commission

Commission du Danube

(Web design and maintenance by Danube Research on the former portal page of the Danube Commission and the website of the Danube Commission Clearance Project Unit www.dunacom.org; now removed as the Clearance Unit has completed it's task)



Navigation Authorities

Danube Research provides information on Danube shipping, ports, shipyards, waterway and general infrastructure, regulation and relevant European, Danubian and national policy. Clients include potential new shippers in the region, new entrants to the market, investment agencies and transport and logistics companies worldwide.









Other Sites


via donau

Austrian Government Danube waterway authority and navigation promotion organisation



Inland Navigation Europe

Europe-wide navigation promotion organisation



The Inland Waterways Observatory

European Commission DG Energy & Transport Inland Navigation site

European Commission


The Danube - River of Co-operation

An organisation bringing together science and economics to solve economic and environmental problems in the Danube Basin.


Danube Tourist Commission

Including shipping links and timetables


G.Glaser - Schiffahrtskontor

Passenger Shipping Agent including timetables





Sites of Historical Interest


-Commissions of the Danube:


Peace Treaty of Versailles

Full text of the 1919 Treaty, the first to fully internationalise the river.


Nicholas Dima, From Moldavia to Moldova: the Soviet-Romanian Territorial Dispute, East European Monographs, Boulder / Columbia University Press, New York, 1991.

Online book: including many issues relating to the control of the Danube.


-DDSG History


"Schiffahrt" pages

History of the DDSG in 2 parts and details of selected vessels


DDSG reference in AEIOU encyclopaedia (also follow other links)


History of ACC Donaupfeil Hovercraft


A summary history of the DDSG is also available at the holding company's website, see above.





Queen Marie of Romania 1904 Trip on the Danube

Personal photographs of the Romanian Royal Family's tour of the country, including Sir Charles Hartley at Sulina.


Philatelic Journey down the Danube


Budapest Picture Gallery

Late Nineteenth Century wood engravings.






Modelism International

Books, magazines, pictures and models for sale concerning ships on the Danube in Romania and the Romanian military.




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