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The River Danube



The River Danube (U.S. 'Danube River') flows eastwards across Europe for 2850 km, in Europe only the Volga exceeds it in length. Today the River flows through or forms part of the border of ten different countries.

Danube Research undertake numerous research and consultancy work with regard to navigation on the River. Our work ranges from contemporary studies of modal shift to the Danube and issues of port and shipping company privatisation, to historical work examining the Commissions of the Danube and the restoration of historic vessels on the River. See About Us for a summary of D.R. activities.


Map of the River Danube

Danube Research River Danube map

Map update: Please note that since February 2003 "Yugoslavia" above should now read "Serbia and Montenegro"

This site contains further information on the work that we undertake. In addition there are pages providing basic information on the history of navigation and historic ships on the Danube. 

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