Selected River Danube - related conference presentations, media appearances and public domain work of
Edgar Martin (shipping and inland waterways consultant)

January 2007:
Edgar Martin took up the position of General Director of ICS Danube Logistics SRL and Port Manager of Giurgiulesti International Free Port in the Republic of Moldova on the Maritime Danube. 

October 2006: Edgar chaired the Middle and Lower Danube session of the Third Danube Summit conference in Budapest (Hungary). During the session Edgar made a presentation of the Inland Water Transport section findings of the Danube-Serbia Project and asked the owners of Giurgiulesti International Free Port in Moldova how they would respond to commercial opposition to their port by existing neighbouring  port facilities. At the event Edgar also posed the question of what would be the fate of  key Upper and Middle Danube operators following the sad death of Mr. Gerhard Meier and the likely breakup of the Meier Group of Danube shipping companies (principally Bayerischer Lloyd, DDSG-Cargo and Mahart). Later in the month Edgar  presented a paper at the Black Sea Transport Forum and Transport Strategy of Ukraine Symposium  at the Passenger Sea Terminal (Morskoi Voksal) in Odessa (Ukraine) during the Odessa 212 TransUkraine ports, shipping, logistics and transport exhibition. The paper concerned current issues in Danube transport with specific reference to Ukraine and a summary was reported in both Dunayets and Sea Truth newspapers.

September 2006: Following a further visit to the management of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company in Izmail to discuss recent developments, the work of Edgar Martin featured in another front-page article of Dunayets newspaper, also published in Moriak.

July 2006: At the invitation of British inland waterways specialist publication Waterways World, Edgar was the on-board lecturer for the magazine's 2006 readers' cruise on board the Dutch inland cruise vessel Elegant Lady. Edgar joined the cruise sailing east from Budapest towards the Lower Danube and gave lectures on various aspects of Danube transport, politics and history in addition to providing live commentary as key navigational and historical features were past. The vessel was operated by WT Cruises and chartered by Kingdom Tours. Edgar's lecturing featured in the cruise review published later in the year in the magazine.

June to December 2006: Edgar led the Inland Water Transport Expert Group of the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR)-funded "Integrated Socio-economic Development Plan Based on the Rehabilitation of the Middle Danube River Basin and Inland Waterway System of Serbia" or "Danube-Serbia" Project. The project aimed to target priority projects and areas where funding could be allocated to have a direct social and economic impact in the Serbian Danube region. The project somewhat followed on from the Serbian Waterways Masterplan project also funded by the EAR. The project included several weeks based in Belgrade,  discussions at all levels of IWT government and industry in Serbia and culminated in two seminars and reports. Conclusions largely concerned required government policy changes rather than specific areas which lack funding. The final report was published in mid-2007 and combined results from all sections of the project (IWT, environment, agriculture, investment, tourism and socio-economic analysis).

May 2006: Edgar Martin was featured in industry journal EU Infrastructure in an in-depth interview on the subject of the economic impact of the Spring 2006 Danube flood and other related issues of Danube navigational infrastructure.

April 2006: In cooperation with the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF), a refereed article by Edgar Martin was published this month in the Hans-Böckler-Foundation's academic journal SEER - South-East Europe Review for Labour and Social Affairs on the subject of employment constraints and social problems in the Danube transport industry.

February 2006: Edgar Martin attended the European Inland Navigation Summit in Vienna (Austria) organised by the Austrian Government as part of the Austrian Presidency of the European Union. At the event Edgar posed the question of how the inland navigation sector can respond to the accusations of the environmental lobby and how the inland shipping lobby can group together to emphasise the environmemntal benefits of Inland Waterway Transport  to the general public.

January 2006: Edgar Martin was quoted in the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag on the subject of Bulgarian-Romanian relations in Danube navigation following an interview undertaken in a railway carriage travelling between the two countries.

December 2005: As a member of IVR, Edgar Martin attended the IVR seminar "Inland Navigation in an Enlarged Europe" in Sofia (Bulgaria). At the event he asked the Bulgarian authorities present the delicate question of why an accepted loan by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and a donation of the Greek Government for the reconstruction of the Port of Lom had not been used.

November 2005: Edgar Martin attended the 5th Danube Region Business Conference in Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro) this month. At the event Edgar pointed out the different definitions and applications of port privatisation on the River Danube and emphasised to governments and port administrations the importance to the wider economy for active ports to focus on transport and related activities and not to diversify into other areas for short-term profits. Also this month Edgar's visit to the Kilia Shipyard on the Ukrainian Danube to deliver newbuild vessel tender specifications on behalf of two clients featured in a full-page article in the Moriyak newspaper.

October 2005: The research work of Edgar Martin featured in another front-page article in the Dunayets newspaper following a visit to the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company in Izmail (Ukraine).

September 2005: Edgar Martin was invited to the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) workshop "Pan-European Co-operation towards a Strong Inland Waterway Transport: On the Move" held at the International Energy Agency in Paris (France). At the event Edgar reminded delegates that the infrastructure requirements and therefore funding priorities of much of the Central and Eastern European waterways is vastly different to those in Western Europe and that it can be a mistake to make broad generalisations of European waterway funding requirements. Also this month Edgar presented at the Orkney International Science Festival in Kirkwall, Orkney Islands (Scotland) on the subject of  "Waterborne Transport in the 21st Century: Transport Policy on the River Danube".

July 2005: A visit of Edgar Martin to the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company (UDP) and the Port of  Izmail (Ukraine) as part of a research project was reported on the front pages of both the UDP Danube region newspaper Dunayets and the national Ukrainian paper Moriyak.

Edgar Martin on the front page of 'Moriak' ('Seafarer')

June 2005:
Edgar Martin presented a paper at the European Inland Waterway Navigation (EIWN) conference in Szeged (Hungary) on the subject of non-riparian involvement in Danube transport. Edgar made a presentation on behalf of the Maritime Danube Port Administration (APDM) of Galati (Romania) in addition.  Also this month, Edgar was quoted in Cargo Systems concerning Danube port investment focusing on the development of the Port of Giurgiulesti on Moldova's short section of the Danube.

May 2005: Edgar Martin presented a paper concerning his experience in developing a River Danube Bibliography at the "Geopolitics of the Danube Basin International Conference" held at the river flotilla base of the Romanian Navy and on-board the Presidential yacht Mures in Braila (Romania). The conference was organised by the Romanian Naval Museum of Constanta in whose annual journal the paper was published.

February 2005: The privatisation of the Bulgarian River Shipping Company (BRP) of Rousse (Bulgaria) got underway this month. Edgar Martin was involved in the pre-privatisation process for two years undertaking reports focusing on the Danube transport market.

January 2005: The privatisation of the Mahart Csepel Freeport (Szabadkikötő) in Budapest (Hungary) got underway this month. Edgar Martin assisted the pre-privatisation process over a six month period with a series of reports comparing Danube port ownership regimes, summarising port and terminal ownership worldwide and answering the privatation agency's detailed questions on a number of issues. Also this month, Edgar attended the IVR "Inland Navigation in the Enlarged Europe" colloquium held at the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology in Vienna (Austria).

November 2004: Organised as part of the Dutch presidency of the European Union, Edgar Martin attended the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works & Water Management's "The Power of Inland Navigation" event at The Hague (The Netherlands) this month. During a debate into River Information Services (RIS), Edgar pointed out that despite the revolutionary opportunities of RIS, many Lower Danube operators are concerned at the cost of installing the necessary equipment onboard their vessels. Also this month Edgar was quoted in Fairplay International Shipping Weekly magazine concerning the Bystroye Channel issue.

October 2004:
Edgar Martin chaired a session at the Second Danube Summit conference in Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro) this month, where Danube Research also had an exhibition stand. At the conference, Edgar commented on the potential risks of full port privatisation being considered by some riparian states at present; he noted the concerns of several Middle and Lower Danube operators with regard to the introduction of River Information Services, and with the Danube Commission's presidency due to switch to Serbia and Montenegro and the General Directorship to Ukraine in 2005, Edgar asked the European Commission how they see their involvement with the Danube Commission developing. During the conference closing session, Edgar officiated between the Ukrainian and Romanian delegations on the controversial subject of the Bystroye Channel [Danube Research has closely followed this matter and remains strictly impartial on the subject]. Following interviews at the Danube Summit event, Edgar appeared on Radio Romania (domestic and international services) and was quoted in the Romanian Gardianul national newspaper on the subject of the Ukrainian Bystroye Channel. Earlier in the month, Edgar spoke at the First International Congress of Naval History in Mamaia (Romania) organised by the Constanta-based Romanian Naval Museum. His paper, published in the Museum's Yearbook, concerned the involvement of non-riparian states in the historical development of Danube navigation. Edgar also attended the First European Convention for the Inland Waterways Navigation Sector in Nancy (France) this month, organised by Voies Navigables de France.

July 2004:
Edgar Martin presented a paper at the prestigious World Conference on Transport Research in Istanbul (Turkey) and chaired a conference session concerning Regional Transport Issues in Southeast Europe. Edgar's paper, which was selected to appear in the conference proceedings, concerned the future of Danube transport policy. Whilst in Istanbul, Edgar was also invited to attend a meeting of SETREF (the Southeast European Transport Research Forum) as an observer.

April-May 2004: On the occasion of the accession into the European Union of 10 new member countries, including Danube riparian states Slovakia and Hungary, Edgar Martin was interviewed by BBC News on the subject of environmental benefits of and opportunities for Danube transport in an enlarged European Union. The environmental interview (screen capture, below left), recorded in Komárno (Slovakia) was broadcast on BBC Breakfast News on UK television channel BBC One in addition to BBC World and BBC News 24 television channels and BBC News Online. Interviews concerning general opportunities of the River Danube were broadcast live on BBC World and BBC News 24 from Esztergom (Hungary; screen capture, below right). Also in May Edgar participated in the Central Europe - Open for Business seminar in Edinburgh (Scotland).

Edgar Martin BBC interview at Komárno, Sovakia    Edgar Martin live BBC interview at Esztergom, Hungary

March 2004:
Edgar Martin attended Focus Hungary, a Hungarian investment forum in Glasgow (Scotland) where he pointed out potential present and future conflicts of interest between residential / leisure redevelopment and operational port areas using Budapest Csepel Freeport as an example. Also this month, Danube Research images and data of the Romanian paddle steamer Tudor Vladimirescu appeared in the Swiss German-language journal Dampferzeitung.

December 2003: Edgar Martin was invited to speak at the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) Corridor VII conference in Vienna (Austria); his presentation tackled social aspects of Danube transport and opportunities for increasing traffic on the river. Edgar was again invited this month to the European Parliament in Brussels (Belgium) for a symposium concerning the future of inland waterways from an environmental perspective. At the symposium Edgar emphasised the assertion that Inland Waterway Transport is the most environmentally friendly mode but that the reliability of the Danube is crucial to achieve modal shift from road transport. Edgar also attended the International Association of Cities and Ports (AIVP) inland ports conference in Brussels this month.

November 2003: Edgar Martin has signed a contract with Austrian Danube transport promotion agency via donau to provide regular news articles of Danube shipping related developments from the Lower Danube.

October 2003: Edgar Martin presented at the Danube Region Business Conference 4 held at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest (Romania) where he called for a "Shipping Lobby for the Lower Danube." This month Edgar was again interviewed for the BBC World Service's "The World Today" programme on the subject of the continuing low level of the Danube and of conflicts between environmental organisations and the Danube shipping industry.

August 2003: Edgar Martin was interviewed for the BBC World Service's "Europe Today" programme on the subject of the record low water levels on the Danube. This month Edgar also featured in Industry Europe magazine further to an interview in Budapest (Hungary) on the environmental benefits of Danube transport.

July 2003: In another Financial Times interview, Edgar Martin discussed the current constraints of Danube transport. The interview also featured in Marcon International's (US) "Inland Push Boat Market Report" and was translated into Serbian on the website.

June 2003: Edgar Martin presented in the plenary session of the European Inland Waterway Navigation (EIWN) Conference in Győr (Hungary) on the subject of future policy options relating to Danube transport. Also this month, Edgar wrote a special feature on Danube ports in World Port Development International magazine.

May 2003: Edgar Martin was invited to the European Parliament in Brussels (Belgium) to a symposium concerning the future of inland waterway transport in an enlarged European Union. At the symposium Edgar questioned the priorities of Brussels institutions on the Lower Danube. The Austrian Danube transport promotion agency via donau published their Manual of Danube Ports this month, for which much data, images and editing was provided by Danube Research.

April 2003: Edgar Martin attended the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative (SECI) Danube Transport Working Group meeting in Vienna (Austria). At the meeting he commented that he would like to see more ports represented on the working group and hope that more will be invited in the future.

February 2003: Edgar Martin discussed Lower Danube port facilities in an interview with the Financial Times.

November 2002: The annual conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) in Panama City (Panama) featured a refereed paper by Edgar Martin which discussed problems of Danube policy. The event was hosted by the Panama Canal Authority.

October 2002: Edgar Martin was interviewed for the Financial Times on the subject of modal shift opportunities to the River Danube.

September 2002: Edgar Martin wrote a special feature on Danube shipping in World Port Development International magazine. Edgar also contributed to a short article on Romanian presidential yachts in Le Monde 2.

August 2002: Edgar Martin was interviewed by The New York Times, International Herald Tribune and BBC World Service's "World Business Report" on the economic impact of the Danube flood.

June 2002: Edgar Martin presented a paper concerning the wider economic impact of the Novi Sad blockage at the Danube Summit conference in Constanta (Romania). An excerpt from the paper was later published in Ukrainian industry journal Black Sea Trans. The conference was hosted by the Constanta Port Administration.

April-May 2002: Edgar Martin was interviewed for Radio Austria International both in April and May concerning the development of Danube cruise shipping and the implications for the River Danube of the development of the Port of Constanta respectively. Austria's FM4 news and the UK's The Independent newspaper interviewed Edgar in May on the subject of the Danube Cooperation event in Vienna (Austria). Edgar also featured on a documentary of Australia's Radio National and Radio Australia International regarding Australian interests in Danube navigation.

March 2002: Edgar Martin attended the IVR/TAIEX-Colloquium in Bucharest (Romania) where he posed the question what could be done to bring the European Commission in closer contact with Danube shipping companies and port and waterway administrations on the Lower Danube, who often feel isolated from Brussels yet are impacted by its legislation.

November 2001: Edgar Martin was invited to speak at the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative (SECI) Danube Transport Working Group meeting in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) in early November, where he presented Danube Research's ideas for a Danube Ro-Ro study "MODAN" (Modal Shift to the River Danube). Following the opening of a safe marked temporary fairway through Novi Sad (Yugoslavia) in late November 2001 by the Danube Commission, Edgar Martin was interviewed by the BBC for the World Service's "World Business Report" programme and BBC News Online. The online article was quoted in the UK Parliament. Edgar was also interviewed by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, where the interview was broadcast on several of RFE's different language services across Europe, in addition to featuring in their online text news service. Edgar also wrote an article for Lloyd's List on the subject of the newly opened safe marked fairway.

September 2001:
Danube Research has been awarded the contract for designing and maintaining the Danube Commission Clearance Project Unit's new official website. Tenders and press releases will be posted on the site in addition to summary and progress information relating to the clearance work. Danube Research aims to produce a comprehensive yet basic website. The new site was uploaded in mid-September 2001 and is updated regularly. [N.B. the Clearance Unit has now finished it's task and it's website is no longer available as of December 2003]

Sloboda Bridge, Novi Sad

May 2001:
Edgar is becoming increasingly involved in the clearance of the river in Yugoslavia. He has have completed a report for clearance architects the COWI-Utiber consortium on Danube vessel types using the Novi Sad stretch of the river, to assist COWI in designing the temporary fairway. [which opened in November 2001]

April - June 2001: Edgar Martin presented a paper concerning river ports and the effects of the Novi Sad (Yugoslavia) blockage in the plenary session of the European Inland Waterway Navigation (EIWN) Conference in Budapest (Hungary) in June. Media appearances continue with interviews for Radio Austria International and Deutsche Welle at the Danube - Economic Backbone of Europe symposium in Vienna (Austria) in April. In May Edgar wrote an article for Lloyd's List detailing the developments of the Clearance work.

October & November 2000: Two special reports by Edgar Martin were published in shipping newspaper Lloyd's List into the impact of the Danube blockage and the developments of the Clearance preparations.

July 2000: Edgar Martin's work into the history of the Commissions of the Danube featured on Romanian national television channel TVR 2.

June 2000: Edgar Martin met with the Croatian Ministry of Transport in Vukovar (Croatia) to discuss the reconstruction of the Port of Vukovar (at km 1333). The port has already been partially reconstructed following the war in 1991, now a further stage is to be agreed including a new bulk handling terminal and a possible container terminal.


May-September 2000:
Danube Research exhibited at the 110 Years of Modern Romanian Danube Navigation exhibition in Galati (Romania) alongside principal shipping companies, port and waterway administrations. The exhibition was held in the ground floor foyer of Galati's Navrom Navigation Palace. The first of its kind in Galati, the exhibition proved a great success, running throughout Summer 2000. All profits were donated to the restoration fund of the paddle steamer Tudor Vladimirescu.

Edgar Martin at the Danube Research stand

April 2000:
Edgar Martin (right on each frame below) discusses the blockage of the River Danube in Serbia with the then President of Romania, His Excellency Emil Constantinescu (left on each frame), on the occasion of the Forum Romania at the Crossroads International Transport Conference in Bucharest (Romania) in April 2000. Edgar presented a paper entitled "Opportunities for Romanian River Ports" at the conference, which was later reviewed in the Romanian Business Journal. Also this month the [original] Danube Research website was reviewed in the journal European Water Management.

Edgar Martin discusses the NATO bombing of the Danube with the Romanian President    Edgar Martin discusses the NATO bombing of the Danube with the Romanian President

February 2000:
Danube Ro-Ro project proposals of Danube Research have been referred to this month in industry publications Journal of Commerce, International Freighting Weekly and Petrodata MACCS Daily. Also this month the Danube Research [original] website was featured in Belgrade-based NIN magazine.

June & July 1999: Edgar Martin featured in two television productions of Romanian channel Express TV Galati concerning the history of the European Commission of the Danube and historic Romanian ships.

April 1999: On the occasion of the International Association of Cities and Ports (AIVP) General Meeting in Constanta (Romania) television channel MTC Constanta interviewed Edgar Martin on the subject of the development of the Port of Constanta and the likely impact of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, then underway. The event was hosted by the Constanta Port Administration.


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